For me,  I am very blessed because I’m still working in a company that treats their employees equally. However, someone told me that she was mistreated.

She is from a different department and was forcedly tranferred in our department. After two months adjustment period, she finally moved over. Even though she had this bitterness against her exsupervisor, she works with enthusiasm and does her best in her assigned area.  She expects that the permanency was already approved after a long term of waiting. Now, she was informed that she would be transferred again because the job that she is doing is considered a process in a different department. Gosh, adjustment period again. I know her concerns but I can do nothing with due respect to our section.  However, I could always be a friend that she can lean on. Now, she is complaining on how they discourage their employees not once, but twice. At this moment, the issue is still hot.

I am sad for her. I hope all will be well.


” Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people do that, but the great make you feel that you, too, can somehow become great”.


One thought on “Choices….

  1. Its been a month since I posted this entry here. Want an update? Our section head had already approved her transfer in our department. She was transferred laterally. However, she was not happy about it because she was told by her previous superior that she will be promoted or leveled to the job grade of the employees here which 3 times higher than her position now. I thought she misunderstood because no one in our department promised her that. It is now the new issue. Her immediate supervisor ask her if she is really sure of her decision to stay here but she answered like she is in doubt. She told me that she would rather go back to her past department rather than to stay here with the same job grade. For me, she is very demanding. She will never be contented with what she has As what she was saying, she still has a space in a different section and even if she will be given the same level of job grade, she is more happy to accept it instead of staying here with us. After all the issues she brought out in our department, she is still unaware that people here are getting anxious that this kind of attitude is really the scariest thing in an organization. Scary because she only believes in herself and she never gave importance for what other people did for her. Not contented, demanding nad always looking for the mistakes of other people. I’m not saying that I am better but I think she’s the worst. I am her friend. But I am thinking that I should stay back for a while beacause I am not happy seeing her like this. I already told her my views but we are not seeing things eye to eye. I hope that someday this situation will sink in to her and I wish she will not regret whatever her decisio will be.

    May God help her…

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