Temptation of an angel

Finished watching this drama and I guess it is similar to the drama Temptation of Wife except for the twist in the end. One of the best!




For me,  I am very blessed because I’m still working in a company that treats their employees equally. However, someone told me that she was mistreated.

She is from a different department and was forcedly tranferred in our department. After two months adjustment period, she finally moved over. Even though she had this bitterness against her exsupervisor, she works with enthusiasm and does her best in her assigned area.  She expects that the permanency was already approved after a long term of waiting. Now, she was informed that she would be transferred again because the job that she is doing is considered a process in a different department. Gosh, adjustment period again. I know her concerns but I can do nothing with due respect to our section.  However, I could always be a friend that she can lean on. Now, she is complaining on how they discourage their employees not once, but twice. At this moment, the issue is still hot.

I am sad for her. I hope all will be well.


” Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people do that, but the great make you feel that you, too, can somehow become great”.

AsianDrama Addict!!!

I am really an AsianDrama addict.  I only sleeps when I finished the whole episodes. Always fast forwarding especially when its not the main characters scenes. Aissst. So tired but still, longing for the next drama to watch.

11 DVD’s from June-July. Wow! I guess my next post is the list of all the dramas that I have watched 🙂 Hmmm..Interesting…It will surely be my daily habit.

I’m not really good in writing but I want to share my thoughts. Wish me luck.

…searching for new updates for the drama Heartstrings and Scent of a woman


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